Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Say those words I love to hear.

Vanilla Raspberry Panncotta
(moments before I backhanded it off the table. The
patient waitstaff quickly cleaned it up and replaced it for me.
I'd like to submit that among the most beautiful word combinations in the English language is the phrase "Free Food."

I don't know about you, but the very words give me a rush of joy and hunger, especially when that food is good Italian from Carrabba's. And yes, by Provo standards Carrabba's is "good Italian." It's a national chain, but there isn't any fake antique sporting equipment or music paraphernalia plastered on the walls, so it's pretty much the best you're going to do around here.

They actually serve up some darn tasty, and I'd even say, authentic dishes. And because I signed up for their "Amici Club" a few months ago, they invited us to a preview tasting of their new winter menu. Sweet!

Here's what we had:
Spinach Fonduta with Fontina and Guyere and Olive Oil Toast.

Rigatoni Al Forno with Ricotta and a nice fennely pork sausage

Clockwise:  Chicken Cacciatore, roasted veggies, Mushrooms with Sundried tomatoes and Polenta, Tri-tip skewer.

It was a nice casual dinner served up family-style, and much more than I expected from a complimentary tasting. The chef and the manager both greeted us personally and we had nothing but compliments for them. Surprisingly, the polenta was a highlight of the meal. It was really light and flavorful, compared to the greasy slab of cornmeal it can sometimes be. The steak and pasta were delicious too. Nothing was over-cooked or under-seasoned to the credit of the kitchen.

The manager at our Orem location said they'll be doing this again in the Spring, so maybe go check out the Amici club and if nothing else, you'll get a free appetizer on your next visit (at any location). I signed up about eight months ago and they've only emailed me a handful of times, and one of those was an invitation to a free meal. Can't complain.

Ryan enjoying his favorite beverage. (Coke zero, not wine)

This guy sitting next to us wasn't nearly as creepy this picture would suggest.


  1. Holy shiznitllebamsnipsnapsack that food looks amazing! I love/miss Carraba's.