Thursday, February 17, 2011


Say what you will about Valentine's day, but I never turn down a chance to get a new cavity.

Personally, I see it as a fun, low-key holiday. He gets me a rose (or not), I bake him cookies (or not), and everyone goes home happy. Growing up, we always celebrated it as a family, made valentines for each other, and had a gay old time. It's too bad that such a simple, fun idea as Valentine's day has to result in bad feelings and disappointment for millions of housewives, and loneliness for single folk (who are even more bitter  than the disappointed housewives.)

It just doesn't need to be that big of a deal!

But, I had to make dinner anyway, so why not do something special? In considering how to best gastronomically express my love, I remembered that there was shrimp in the freezer, and salmon. "I think there's even a couple sirloin steaks in there!" I thought "Maybe some pommes maxim and raspberry flan?!"

As I was getting carried away, I briefly considered Ryan and realized I was barking up the wrong tree.  Duh. Nothing would make him happier after a long day of studying and working than homemade pizza. So, I busted out the linens, canldesticks, champagne glasses, and pizza stone.

Pizza with Ina Garten's Cheese Straws

Despite being at school all day and taking a test until 9 pm, he still managed to bring home my favorite ice cream and some Swedish Fish, which I preferred 100 fold over anything resembling a bear. Hallmark-inflicted duty mutually fulfilled.

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