Saturday, February 19, 2011

Build it like Bekvam.

I like our apartment pretty well, but the kitchen is not its selling point. Calling it an "alley kitchen" would be something of an exaggeration in its favor. In fact, I'm not sure  it can even technically be called a "kitchen" because it is missing one essential element of kithcendom: counters.

I'm not saying "Wah wah, there isn't much counter space." I mean, it literally doesn't have a counter to speak of. The one-foot-across surface between the sink and the stove is the closest we get.

This has led to many meals being prepared on a cutting board placed over the sink, and more than a few dinners served on a dining room table that is covered in mixing bowls and frying pans. It's not that our kitchen is tiny; it's not. There is plenty of room where a counter and more cabinets would've been ideal. (Ran out of time and money, maybe?)

So, we finally purchased a kitchen cart/butcher block.  In the tradition of IKEA, it is called something meaningless to English speakers: "Bekvam."  This rolls off the tongue more easily than "kitchen-cart-slash-butcher-block", so that's what we call it.  This device has improved our overall kitchen satisfaction immensely.

In the other tradition of IKEA, it had to be assembled by a husband.

I wouldn't say that we're oddly fond of it, but the phrase "Who's a good Bekvam? Yes you are!" is no longer among phrases that have never been spoken our home.

To address the other main flaw of our kitchen: lack of cabinetry, Ryan installed a shelf.  He thrifted it, fixed it up, installed some hooks, and mounted it on the wall.


"I'm trying so hard. Please love me. Here is your trashcan."  - Our Kitchen


"I'm a REAL Kitchen Now! "


  1. Yea! A real kitchen! Good job, I wish I was there to see it myself.

  2. You have so many great ideas!! Being that we have identical apartments I would LOVE to see more! ;)