Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maaaiill Tiime

Today was definitely the most interesting mail-day we've had in recent memory. I guess the postal service gods were smiling on us. Here's what we received:

- Some Magic the Gathering cards that Ryan ordered last week with a Christmas giftcard. (Not unexpected, but still fun)
- A $25 Amazon rewards giftcard from our credit card. (These come periodically, but we weren't expecting one any time soon)
- An invitation to participate in a Utah Department of Health survey on vaccinations, accompanied by two one-dollar bills as a preemptive "thank you".
- A silicon ice-tray for making guitar-shaped cocktail stirrers (or maybe popsicles?)

This last one was perhaps the most interesting of all because, like the random $25 in Taco Bell bucks we received a few months ago, they arrived from an address that was completely unfamiliar, and without any note of explanation.

I suspect that this might be my one of my brothers' idea of a belated Christmas gift/prank? That, or we have secret admirers in Singapore.

Well, I guess we won't question a good thing. Can't wait to make some tasty guitar pops!

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