Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Cat, White Stripes

As a throwback to the early days of our courtship, we decided to dress up as rock duo, the White Stripes for Halloween this year. It was one of the first things we discovered that we had in common,  and we enjoyed listening to Icky Thump on our first trip to Washington to meet his family.

I realize that this group is not on the top of everyone's list right now. It's been a few years since their last album, and the rumored future album is still a ways out. But, we already had the red and white clothes, the white Guitar Hero toy guitar, and a vision. All we had to do was get a couple of wigs at the thrift store.

Only two couples at the ward party "got" the costume, but that kind of made it all the better. We got to act indignant when no one understood our genius, and feel smug in our quiet superiority (we were really channeling that White Stripes brand aloofness).

Despite it being a typically dismal ward holiday function, we had fun. Ryan even helped our team win the photo scavenger hunt by posing for a photo where the requirement was  "Take a picture of someone named Jack."  (Jack White, get it?)

At home, we took a few more pictures for kicks. Betcha can't tell which are the real White Stripes. . .

Also, the day before Halloween, I tried to rescue an adorable black cat with white tufts that followed me to my car outside Pizza Hut. I fed him a few pepperoni and tried to lure him into the backseat so I could take him to the Humane Society (he was obviously in need of some TLC and a flea-bath).

Unfortunately, I didn't have a cage and animal control was closed for the weekend. When I tried to pick him up, he was having none of it. I wasn't willing to endure more than the one scratch he gave me, so, I left him a little pile of sausage and said goodbye to my Halloween familiar. He seemed pretty scrappy; I bet he's okay.

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